Shannon outside the box- About me

Finding the green in the concrete jungle

About me

Adventures of a not-so-starving-artist: The archetypal rags to “riches”

I use the words artist and riches very liberally. 😉 I love writing, photography, teaching, and taking any adventure I can fit into my schedule! I love my little family beyond measure. I’m by no means rich, but compared to where I came from, I’m living my dreams.

What they do and don’t pay me for:

As a high school teacher, mom of 4, wife, and someone who seeks out knowledge of all things, I’m an expert in many areas and wish I had the time to be an expert in all other areas, but for now, I’m sticking to wife of my favorite, keeper of little people, teacher of bigger people, and seeker of adventures.

I’m a high school teacher who morphed from a preschool teacher. Educating others is my life’s passion. Using experiences from my world in and out of the classroom helps me relate to others the best way I know how: by being real.

I’m really am just me being me!

Searching for my next adventure is an all the time past-time.

Any downtime I get, I’m often found scrolling GoogleFlights in hopes of finding some far-off place to travel to at an amazing price. I love experiences over any tangible possession. The thrill of gliding over swamp waters with my husband or scuba diving in the Caribbean with my daughter is so much more exhilarating and memorable than any new shirt, and I love me a new shirt!